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Innovation is the driving force behind progress, providing new solutions and transforming industries through creative thinking and imaginative ideas.


In everything we do, we prioritize quality, consistently delivering superior products and services through rigorous standards and a commitment to excellence.


We are committed to providing comprehensive support, delivering expert guidance and reliable resources to drive success and growth for our clients.

The Ashton Group of Companies via subsidiaries located in North America, Oceania, CALA, EMEA and APAC specializes in the Telecommunication carrier, Energy, Oil & Gas, Information Systems, Manufacturing, Designer Clothing and Import/Export Wholesale Distribution Lines of Business.

From three Regional Headquarters, it manages logistics, production, support and outsourced services for its primary base of Governmental, Multinational, Energy, Telecommunication Carrier and Global Retail Chain Clients. Commencing in 1894, with over 100+ years of success, and an entrance into the technology business space in 1978, The Ashton Group of Companies has direct in-country operations in 17 countries and contractual coverage in 43 countries, The Ashton Group of Companies are well positioned and continues to provide its clients with innovative technologies required to excel in today’s global borderless environment.


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